Staff embrace stillness

Staff meditation sessions are promoting mindfulness and wellbeing amidst a busy term.

IGS staff are taking a moment to pause and practice mindfulness with Meditation sessions, the first being last Tuesday’s Eclipse Doorway Meditation.

Led by Italian and Spanish teacher, Mario Gava, the sessions aim to help release negative emotions and promote emotional health.

Divided into three parts, the attendees started with grounding sound healing, followed by personalised affirmations to release negative energy. The session wrapped up with a gratitude journal process and personal reflection using Oracle cards.

These meditation sessions are a wonderful way for staff to prioritise their well-being, flourish at work and embrace ways to Wellbeing. Small daily steps to strengthen psychological health can lead to a happier and longer life, and better stress management.

Thank you to Mario for organising the mediation series and exemplifying the school’s commitment to staff wellness and mindfulness.

Stay tuned for the next session featuring Yin Yoga!