Bibliothèque ‘transformative’ says new Director

IGS Bibliothèque Director Patrice Marchbank loves the creative, busy buzz of her vital domain.

Promoted to the role from Assistant Director at the recent retirement of founding Bibliothèque Director Jenny Williams, Patrice is passionate about her role.

“I discovered not that long ago that different people think in different ways and was astonished to think that some people thing in images or feelings. I can’t conceive of ideas without words.

“Books are the ultimate in unlocking your imagination and giving access to new knowledge.

“I come from a background where I was the first in my family to go to uni. My mother was the first person to finish high school. My grandfather’s dearest wish was to finsih high school, but at the age of 12, he had to go to work.

“Knowledge can be a real power and can lift you out of poverty. It is the key to the world. It is something really precious. It is a privilege, and we are fortunate to have access to these things.

“Education is something that allows you to reach your full potential and books are a real part of that. We can’t take that for granted.

“I love the way the Bibliothèque is at the centre of the School and encourages everybody to engage with the space. It’s a very IGS way of doing things.

“I love the creative, busy buzz of it. It’s a space for everybody. There’s something for everyone here, the creative reflective space of the Max Meyer Reading Room, the creative pond for sharing a story, and so many nooks and crannies where students of all ages can relax. It’s a really welcoming hub.

“And the Amphitheatre, with its drop down screen, can connect students with any subject specialist in the world.”

Should we expect any changes to the Bibliothèque in the future?

“Having opened during a pandemic, we haven’t reached the full potential of these spaces,” Patrice said. “I have some ideas about people sharing their expertise and learning together, maybe ‘Big Ideas in the Bib’ lunch time sessions.”

Watch this space!