Spanish salsa and tapas joy

Students of Spanish in Years 9, 10 and 11 were recently treated to a real taste of Latin American and Spanish culture.

They attended a Spanish excursion at Latin Dance Australia and Spanish Tapas restaurant Glebe.

All the students participated in Merengue, Salsa and Bachata dancing to the beat of “un, dos, tres, a la derecha, a la izquierda” with lots of smiles all round, said IGS Spanish teacher Yolanda Fernandez.

“After our exhilarating dance routine, we moved on, as our Spanish lunch feast awaited us. The students ate many tapas such as patatas ali oli, albondigas con salsa and many more.

Students Noah and Matthew spoke for many.

“Our Spanish excursion last Friday was very fun and a great way to explore Spanish culture,” they said.

“We spent most of the day immersed in Spanish traditions, and celebrated our second language through salsa dancing and delicious tapas. It was overall a great experience!”