Sleep Under the Stars

Sleep Under the Stars is a charitable event that raises money to fund Stepping Stone House’s services for disadvantaged young people. By taking part in Sleep Under the Stars, participants help more young people stay at Stepping Stone House, providing shelter, care and support – and a pathway out of homelessness. 

Clementine, an IGS Year 6 student, and her mother Kelli recently participated in the charity event, raising money for Stepping Stone House and its critical support for youth at risk of homelessness. Together with other supporters, they slept for one night on Cockatoo Island/Wareamah in Sydney. The group constructed creative cardboard shelters, enjoyed a variety of performances, and learned from inspiring speakers – it was a special night from start to finish.

The Stepping Stones House manager reminded participants, “I am certain all of you will have a fairly rough sleep tonight, but it is not the same as sleeping rough. You are safe; you are not worried someone will hurt you or where your next meal will come from. Tomorrow, you will go back to your safe and comfortable homes.” He observed how the event, rather, represents a community commitment to empathy, raising funds for essential accommodations crucial for the well-being, education, and employment stability of young people facing challenges.

Clementine’s mother Kelli noted, “It was great for us to go – since she was very small, Clementine has had an interest in addressing the situation of unhomed people. I believe this would be a great initiative for any year 6 or all older classes of IGS to experience.”

The Sleep Under the Stars event, held annually, offers a wonderful opportunity for students who are interested to actively support Stepping Stone House. Well done to Clementine who raised over $1,450 for this great cause!

Learn more about Sleep Under the Stars here.