IGS shines light on environment

"IGS featured prominently in the Independent Education Union (IEU) Environment Conference on 9 September," said Head of Sustainability Carmelo Fedele.

“The conference was a wonderful opportunity to showcase the fantastic work that IGS has been doing in Indigenous and sustainability education,” Mr Fedele said.

“I was particularly proud of our students’ contributions. Nyree and Chenelle gave a moving Welcome and Acknowledgement in language, and Harriet shared her insightful perspectives as Sustainability Portfolio Leader.”

An IEU event spokesperson described the event as “a jam-packed day of exploring ideas and initiatives and seeing examples of environmental sustainability education in action”.

“Commencing at the IEU office, we were honoured to have International Grammar School (IGS) students Nyree and Chenelle open the Conference with a Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement in Wiradjuri language followed by a smoking ceremony performed by IGS parent, Tim Bishop.

“We then moved into presentations. Clarence Slockee got everyone singing before imparting his knowledge of cultural and edible native plant species and how he incorporates his expertise into developing urban green spaces.

“Next Carmelo Fedele (Head of Sustainability at IGS) and Hailey Durham (Eco-Schools Australia) provided inspirational examples of sustainability education and the steps required to start on the journey towards a more sustainable school and future.

“A student perspective was delivered by Harriet who has been an active member of the IGS Sustainability Club since its inception.

“Finally, we heard from Jade Carr (Head of Indigenous Education at IGS) about Aboriginal studies education initiatives,” the spokesperson said.

Congratulations to all involved!