Pi Day 2023: Celebrating one of math’s greatest numbers

IGS honours one of the world's most recognisable mathematical symbols!

14 March marks an important day for mathematicians around the world as they celebrate Pi Day, commemorating the mathematical constant π (pronounced “pi”), which is the ratio between the circumference and diameter of any circle.

This year, our STEM leader, Katelyn Clarke, organised a series of exciting opportunities to celebrate Pi Day across the Primary and High Schools, and the turnout was impressive.

Ayrton, a Year 7 student, was crowned the winner of the day after reciting an incredible 100 digits of pi, closely followed by Timo from Year 9, who recited an impressive 86 digits.

“I memorise them in groups of four numbers,” explained Timo on his technique. 

Other activities included a Pi-themed Kahoot, an experiment on Buffon’s Needle Problem, and a word game where students had to write as many words as possible starting with the letters “Pi” within 3 minutes and 14 seconds.

The event was a huge success, with many students actively participating in the various activities and having fun in the Bibliothèque.

Head of Mathematics Cassandra Church expressed her delight at the enthusiasm and interest shown by the students and congratulated everyone involved in making Pi Day a memorable event.