New Quick Park Option

The PTF is happy to announce that there have been some changes to parking restrictions around the school.

The new quick park option is available following the conversion of all the parking places in the Mountain Street cul-de-sac from 1P ticket to 15 minute free parking during drop-off and pick-up. There are now 12 additional 15 minute parking bays.

One of the key Drive-by issues identified by the PTF was parents and carers parking on Kelly Street in order to assist their children with unloading items during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up, as well as Early Learning parents parking while signing their children in or out. A parked car on Kelly Street causes drive-by to stop flowing and exacerbates the congestion along Bay Street.

“We are very happy to see the result of the PTF, the School and the Council working together to make some changes that will positively impact student safety and reduce driver frustration during drive-by,” said Deputy Principal Wellbeing Mary Duma.

It was envisioned that these short term 15 minute parks be dedicated to Early Learning sign-in and out and parents required to assist their children with loading or unloading of large items.

Parents without the need to assist or sign-in their children are asked to continue to use Kelly Street drive-by.

The PTF recommends that parents and carers wishing to use the cul-de-sac parking enter from Mountain Street (rather than drive along Kelly Street).

Drive-by on Kelly Street:
Remain in your vehicle at all times.
Drop off and pick up your children in one of the 8 bays.
Do not block the Kelly Street and Bay Street roundabout.

Quick park in Mountain Street cul-de-sac
Use is only permitted for a maximum of 15 minutes.
Watch out for pedestrians while crossing the footpath into the cul-de-sac.

Bay Street also offers the additional option to drop and go. The No Parking zone allows parents and carers to stop for up to 2 minutes. Similar to Kelly Street drive-by, drivers must not leave their vehicles. This is a good option for High School students.

The PTF is continuing to work with the School and City of Sydney on improving student safety, drive-by and parking around the school. The PTF welcomes feedback and input from the school parent/carer community.