Thank you for supporting our Giving Day

A message from IGS Director of Advancement Paul Galea

The sun was shining in that beautiful blue sky that we have all seen too little of in the past eight months!

This was a positive sign and the positive vibes just kept on coming. From the smiling, charismatic High School student leaders to the looks of satisfaction on the faces of small Primary School children as they dropped their gold coin donation with a satisfying “clang” into the bright silver bucket, this was a really “feel good” start to Giving Day. Some parents were a little confused (but happily so!), as they dropped gold notes instead of gold coins into the buckets!

All up the Mufti Day raised nearly $1,400 for Giving Day and just as importantly it raised awareness and gave the day a really nice “feel”.

So thank you to all who contributed there.


Hearty thanks, too, of course, to those who donated online. Your generosity and kindness are much appreciated and never taken for granted. 

I need to give out a very special shoutout to our Matching Donors. Without these incredible people, this type of day just cannot happen. They are the engines that drive the day. Many wish to remain anonymous and that is fine but I just want to publicly acknowledge the tremendous influence of their sharing. 

I would also give a huge vote of thanks to Professor Allan Snyder and Family, who made a surprise and magnificent donation of $50,000! That level of generosity and sharing is almost unbelievable.

We exceeded our target of $90,000 and in fact raised over $140,000.

I will be thanking our Matching Donors and Professor Snyder’s family personally at a simple lunch early next year. I will be bringing along IGS Principal Ms Shauna Colnan to act as a chaperone, as a lunch with me alone may be a bit off-putting!

Lastly, I would like to thank the Communications team here at IGS for guiding me through the process for the first time. In particular, Laura McCallum has been an absolute tower of strength! This despite being very pregnant and about to go off on maternity leave. 

Community is everything and Giving Day 2022 showed that at IGS we have truckloads of it. 

You can see the Giving Day results live and donate online here.