Making fractions fun

Year 8 students were treated to a fun and finger-lickin' good lesson on fractions this week!

As the term draws to an end, wonderful IGS Math teacher David Collins led a group of Year 8 students in a captivating and appetising Mathematics lesson about understanding equivalent fractions. 

His secret weapon to get the students so engaged? Chocolate doughnuts!  

Throughout the lesson, the students were encouraged to relate mathematical problems to the cutting of the doughnuts, which allowed them to better grasp the concepts. 

Mr Collins skillfully demonstrated how fractions are equivalent by cutting the doughnuts into equal parts.

The engaging lesson culminated with an irresistible treat as the students were invited to eat fractions of doughnuts. 

Despite the sugar rush and excitement, the students remained highly engaged throughout the lesson.

One student, Isabella, expressed her joy, saying, “Doughnuts are scrumptious. They fill us with joy, which motivates us to want to learn. They can be cut into fractions and shared equally amongst friends.” 

“The doughnuts are a visual learning tool which really help us to understand the concepts being presented,” said another student, Maya.  

“David Collins’ innovative approach to teaching mathematical concepts using a real-life scenario and delicious treats is an inspiration to students and teachers alike,” said Head of Mathematics Cassandra Church. 

“The lesson has not only increased the students’ comprehension of equivalent fractions, but it has also ignited their passion for learning Mathematics.”