Making and describing landmarks

Year 4 students of Italian have been creating and describing features of Sydney.

This term Year 4 Italian students are investigating the landmarks of Sydney. Each week the students have learnt how to describe different landmarks with repeated structures.

In order to appreciate the architecture of these world famous tourist attractions, the students constructed their own models each week.

Even though the models had some instructions, there were many engineering obstacles that the students had to overcome without compromising the design.

”I enjoyed seeing the students individually solve the structural problems by using their own creativity and initiative,” said Maestra Annamaria Ferragina.

“There were different versions of the famous landmarks but the principal features remained the same for all the models.

“Some students referenced their own experiences at the landmarks by adding specific details like colours to show vivid lights or their favourite marine life in the harbour.

“During these craft activities, I learn a lot about how the students absorb the language taught in class and how they apply different skills during hands – on activities.”