Library love

IGS recently celebrated Library Lovers' Day, established by the Australian Library and Information Association.

This event presented the first of many official duties for our two newly appointed Primary Library Leaders, Lauren Van der Oord and Charles Curcio of Year 6.

Lauren and Charles visited Primary classes during roll call, distributing small paper hearts for students to decorate with the name or picture of their favourite novel, then assisting Primary Librarian Karen McBride to display the hearts in the Primary School Library, celebrating all our students’ love for reading.

“I love reading,” said Lauren. “I try to read a few books every week.”

“I really enjoy reading and want to share my love for books with the rest of the School,” said Charles.

The new leaders are already proving their worth and are excited about the year ahead.

“These students are huge readers, which makes the job so easy because they really want to be involved and take part in Library events,” Ms McBride said.

Our library leaders’ book recommendations?

Charles:Wonder, by RJ Palacio, or Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson.”

Hearteningly in line with IGS values, Wonder presents a moving and uplifting story of diversity and acceptance.

Lauren:Silver on the Tree, by Susan Cooper; part of The Dark is Rising Sequence.”