Language breakfast session

A breakfast session gave students a new opportunity to practice their conversational language skills.

On Tuesday 9 May, Year 12 and Year 11 accelerated language students participated in a breakfast session to conduct speaking practice. Both Beginners and Continuers students experienced the HSC Oral Exam styles in conversations with the examiners. They had a chance to practise with a teacher who is not their normal class teacher.

“The breakfast session was great. I think it’s very useful. It really helps me to prepare for the HSC. I like muffins too,” said  Year 11 French student Liv.

Year 11 Japanese student Chris commented “It’s helpful to talk to a teacher who is not my normal teacher, and I understand the HSC Oral exams better.”

“My students were very happy,” said Language Teacher Irina Braun. “They found it very beneficial to complete a speaking practice with other teachers.”

“This was a such valuable experience for the students. We should do another round!” concluded Director of Languages Luisa Navanteri.