A gift-wrapped day of Japanese learning

Years 7 and 8 Japanese classes immersed themselves in Japanese traditions in the Global Learning Centre.

In a delicious start to the day, students learnt about Japanese sweets, Wagashi, and enjoyed a morning tea of Wagashi and Matcha. Sushi making followed with lots of hands-on participation to create lunch.

After lunch students enjoyed a Furoshiki workshop. Furoshiki is part of gift-giving, a square piece of cloth or fabric is used for gift wrapping, transporting items, fashion, and home decor.

Okashi, or afternoon tea, was next. Then the students learnt about visiting someone’s house in Japan with Temiyage, a year-round gift-giving practice, a gift to break the ice and avoid meeting someone empty-handed.

After some role-playing and prize giving, the students left having feasted on Japanese food and with a better understanding of Japanese cultural practices.