Isabel celebrates top band results

Congratulations to IGS Class of 2021 alumna Isabel Whitaker for surpassing her ATAR goal.

One of the 2021 IGS High School Sportspeople of the Year, along with Marquis Tropman, Isabel received top band results in Biology, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, and Textiles and Design.

“I surpassed my goal set at the beginning of the year of 95 by achieving an ATAR of 96.20,” she said.

Asked to share the secrets of her success, a “surprised, excited and pleased” Isabel recommended collaboration.

“Sharing with friends and classmates is super beneficial for both individuals and the cohort as a whole,” Isabel said.

“It allows gaps of knowledge to be filled between peers, and going over topics verbally and asking each other questions was a super helpful way for me and my peers to consolidate information and stats while preparing for our HSC.”

She also recommended “picking subjects that you enjoy and are excited to learn about” and allowing “your passion to provide motivation”.

Isabel’s plans for her future?

“I am looking into university courses that interest me which is making me super excited for the years ahead, to dive into subjects and topics that make me excited to learn,” she said, such as Medical Science at UTS.

“I am hoping to travel throughout university breaks, both around Australia and overseas when possible, to learn more about different cultures and traditions.”

We wish Isabel all the best, along with every member of the Class of 2021.

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