HSC Results 2021

Academic Achievements

I am delighted to share with you our 2021 HSC highlights. In a tough year, through lockdowns and unprecedented uncertainty around the HSC, our students worked with drive and determination to achieve an outstanding collective outcome. Under the guidance of their experienced and dedicated teachers, and with the strong support and encouragement of family and friends, they have achieved so much, proving once again that they can do difficult things. We are so proud of them.  Congratulations and well done Year 12! 

Shauna Colnan

Principal, International Grammar School

HSC Highlights

HSC First in Course

Placing first in an HSC course is an enormous achievement. Students from across NSW who topped the State in a course were announced at an awards ceremony by NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell on Wednesday 19 January. Two of those students were from IGS.

Congratulations to:

Therese topped the State in Chinese Continuers with 99 per cent. She also topped the State in French Beginners, with 100 per cent. Therese was one of only eight students to top the State in two courses. These achievements follow her outstanding performances as an accelerated Year 11 student last year, when she was placed second in the State in Italian Extension and fifth in the State in Italian Continuers. This is an extraordinary attainment across three languages. Therese has also achieved the highest possible ATAR of 99.95. Of the 54,894 students in NSW who were eligible to receive an ATAR, 48 students received an ATAR of 99.95.

Jamison topped the State in Spanish Continuers with 95 per cent. He also achieved 99 per cent in Drama and 98 per cent in French Beginners, with an ATAR of 99.5.

NSW Top Achievers 

The following students achieved one of the State’s highest places in an HSC course and also achieved a result in the highest band.

  • Catherine Amoia achieved 2nd in the State in Spanish Beginners.

  • Alea Babeck achieved 3rd in the State in German Extension.

  • Maximilian Lauren achieved 4th in the State in German Beginners.

  • Skye Paterson achieved 3rd in the State in Spanish Beginners. 

  • Jonas Meyer achieved 3rd in the State in German Continuers. Jonas achieved this outstanding result in Year 11 through an accelerated program of study. Jonas also accelerated in Mathematics Advanced, topping IGS in this course with a result of 98 per cent.


NSW All-Round Achievers

Each year, students who achieve results in the top band for at least 10 units of HSC courses are recognised in the prestigious NSW All-Round Achievers list. This year five IGS students gained such an honour.

Congratulations to:

The average ATAR of these students is 98.9.

Distinguished Achievers
  • There were 65 Distinguished Achievers – students who were awarded 90 per cent or above in at least one course.
Honourable Mentions
  • IGS students received 127 Honourable Mentions for the distinguished achievement of 90 per cent or above in a course. 

  • 100 per cent of students studying English Extension 1, English Extension 2, French Extension, Chinese Continuers, Chinese Extension, Music 2, German Extension, Italian Continuers, Japanese Extension, Spanish Beginners, Spanish Continuers, Spanish Extension achieved in the top two bands.

  • Our students performed above the State in 74 per cent of courses. 

  • In Spanish Beginners our students performed 16.51 per cent above the State mean.

  • In Aboriginal Studies our students performed at 16.35 per cent above the State mean.

  • In French Beginners, we were 11.13 per cent above the State mean.

Outstanding HSC results for Year 11 students

Students may complete HSC courses early via acceleration or compression. We congratulate 26 Year 11 students who completed HSC courses this year.

Acceleration in Languages

13 Year 11 students accelerated in Languages. Students accelerated across four languages, in French Continuers, German Continuers, Italian Continuers and Japanese Continuers.

These students achieved a mean of 90 per cent. The highest result of 99 per cent was achieved by Jonas Meyer, for German Continuers, followed by Holly Matthews with 97 for Italian Continuers.

Acceleration in Mathematics

Eight Year 11 students accelerated in Mathematics Advanced, achieving an average of 92 per cent.

The highest result was earned by Jonas Meyer with 98, followed by Jake Trevelyan with 94.

Aboriginal Studies via compression

For the second time, a group of our Year 11 students completed both the Year 11 and Year 12 Aboriginal Studies courses in one year. Their average result was 90 per cent.

The highest result, of 94, was achieved by Madiba Doyle-Lambert, followed by Kaija Du and Holly Matthews both with 92.

HSC showcases & exhibitions

Selected for Texstyle 
  • Ashley Ruben for her long sleeve dress inspired by Claude Monet’s works. Ashley was also nominated for Shape.
Nominated for ENCORE
  • Anya Haywood nominated for her composition Fractured 
  • Sonali Esha Patel for her performance of Clown 
  • Mischa Belunek for her performance of Histoire du Tango: Cafe 1930. 
Nominated for OnSTAGE 
  • Aidan Hale for his individual performance of Rhinoceros 
  • Jamison Power for his individual performance of Greg 

A word about The Sydney Morning Herald school rankings
The SMH defines “success rate” as the number of Band 6 marks (90 per cent and higher) achieved by students in a school, expressed as a percentage of potential Band 6 marks or exam entries. On this measure, IGS was ranked at 61, up 35 places,  with a “success rate” of 23.22 per cent. The median “success rate” for NSW schools was 5.47 per cent. Other measures that create a fuller picture of students’ effort and achievement are set out in this summary, and we commend all our students on their many achievements.  


Course (2-units) № of students % IGS % State % IGS % State % IGS % State
Aboriginal Studies 19 32 11 58 17 5 19
Ancient History 15 20 9 27 24 20 27
Biology 17 18 7 29 24 41 35
Chemistry 15 7 11 33 30 47 26
Chinese Continuers 2 50 43 50 28 0 18
Design and Technology 4 0 17 25 37 75 27
Drama 26 31 18 38 27 27 37
Economics 17 12 15 47 35 29 27
English Advanced 75 19 16 44 52 28 25
English Standard 24 0 1 13 16 50 41
French Beginners 8 63 25 25 26 0 24
French Continuers 12 33 33 25 30 25 25
Geography 18 11 9 39 35 33 30
German Beginners 6 67 33 0 24 17 20
German Continuers 5 40 37 40 31 0 17
Italian Beginners 3 33 21 33 27 33 26
Italian Continuers 6 100 39 0 33 0 20
Japanese Beginners 5 0 13 0 22 60 22
Japanese Continuers 3 0 27 67 31 33 20
Legal Studies 24 21 15 38 27 33 27
Mathematics Standard 2 19 0 6 42 19 42 26
Mathematics Advanced 47 21 23 19 27 32 28
Modern History 16 0 11 50 27 19 27
Music 1 10 40 20 30 44 30 25
Music 2 2 50 45 50 43 0 11
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education 13 23 7 31 24 23 29
Physics 10 0 12 30 28 50 30
Spanish Beginners 5 80 22 20 32 0 23
Spanish Continuers 3 33 9 67 39 0 32
Textiles and Design 14 36 17 29 40 21 24
Visual Arts 22 27 17 50 46 23 27


Extension Course results

    BAND E4 (top)  BAND E3
Course (1-unit) № of students % IGS % State % IGS % State
Chinese Extension 1 100 67 0 31
English Extension 1 17 53 41 47 53
English Extension 2 15 27 25 73 59
French Extension 3 0 24 100 53
German Extension 3 67 73 33 24
History Extension 7 14 23 57 54
Japanese Extension 1 100 60 0 31
Mathematics Extension 1 19 26 37 37 37
Mathematics Extension 2 8 25 43 38 44
Science Extension 4 0 10 75 62
Spanish Extension 2 50 47 50 51
Course  Distinguished Achievers 

Aboriginal Studies

Madiba Doyle-Lambert
Kaija Du
Francesca Harrison
Doon Maclean
Holly Matthews
Annie Millar
Ancient History
Henry Andersen
Tom Gray
Tilli Merten
Biology Nina Leeper
Grace Truman
Isabel Whitaker
Chemistry Grace Truman
Chinese Continuers Therese Briganti
Chinese Extension Therese Briganti
Drama Catherine Amoia
Aidan Hale
Daniel O’Shea
Sonali Esha Patel
Jamison Power
David Thom
Felix Tonkin
Meg Wrigley
Economics Alex McArdle
Eliot Tompkins
English Advanced  Alea Babeck
Therese Briganti
Tom Gray
Aidan Hale
Anya Haywood
Alex McArdle
Nika Mikhin
Sonali Esha Patel
Skye Paterson
Jamison Power
Aliya Raab
Zoe Shearer
Eliot Tompkins
Felix Tonkin
English Extension 1 Therese Briganti
Tom Gray
Aidan Hale
Anya Haywood
Sonali Esha Patel
Aliya Raab
Zoe Shearer
Eliot Tompkins
Felix Tonkin
English Extension 2 Therese Briganti
Aidan Hale
Myles Lambert
Felix Tonkin
French Beginners Therese Briganti
Ayesha Elhafi
Deniz Isikli
Jamison Power
Zoe Shearer
French Continuers Alea Babeck
Jay Thomas Boyd
Aisling Matthews
Olivia McFarlane
Geography Anya Haywood
Aliya Raab
German Beginners Bahar Faridani
Tom Gray
Maximilian Lauren
Thalia Vogel
German Continuers Jonas Meyer
Felix Weninger
German Extension Alea Babeck
Leah Maier
History Extension Essie Newman
Italian Beginners Henry Menzies
Italian Continuers Finn Barker-Tomkins
Luca Gambacorti
Christian Grasso
Holly Matthews
Alex McArdle
Massimiliano McAuliffe
Japanese Extension Nika Mikhin
Legal Studies Alea Babeck
Elena Grave
Skye Paterson
Aliya Raab
Thalia Vogel
Mathematics Advanced Alea Babeck
Hugo Hauenschild
Declan Hazard
Nina Leeper
Jonas Meyer
Felix Tonkin
Jake Trevelyan
Marquis Tropman
James Walker
Indigo Wills
Mathematics Extension 1 Liam Chatterton
Alex McArdle
Eliot Tompkins
Grace Truman
Sonia Wustemann
Mathematics Extension 2 Eliot Tompkins
Grace Truman
Music 1 Jay Thomas Boyd
Anya Haywood
Sonali Esha Patel
Victoria Walker
Music 2 Mischa Belunek
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Grace Ardino
Annie Millar
Isabel Whitaker
Spanish Beginners Catherine Amoia
Kai Bolton
Skye Paterson
Giorgia Staiano
Spanish Continuers Jamison Power
Spanish Extension Jamison Power
Textiles and Design Mischa Belunek
Myles Lambert
Maggie Mulherin
Orlando Read
Isabel Whitaker
Visual Arts Myles Lambert
Wynton Lambert
Tilli Merten
Nika Mikhin
Felix Tonkin
Saskia Vander

“I want to thank some special people who have had a monumental impact on my journey here at IGS; from my Preschool teacher, Angela, to my Kindergarten teacher Ms Gagliano, to my Year 6 teacher Mrs Weir, right through to all IGS teachers who have shown me nothing but support, kindness and generosity. Likewise, Mrs Duma and Mr Dennehy have been the most encouraging and uplifting mentors I could’ve ever asked for.  

“Thank you Ms Colnan for giving me one of the best opportunities thus far in my life. Your vision, creativity, enthusiasm and drive have been incredibly inspiring and I can’t help but praise you for everything you have done for both past and present students of IGS. I will cherish all the memories made during SAGE programs, especially in Year 10 “Writing the Island”, which was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I will never forget. 

“Thank you to my friends, the Class of 2021 for inspiring me every day, for showing me what true courage looks like, for smiling even in the toughest of times. 

As I say my final farewell to the multi-layered abundant universe that is International Grammar School, a small village infused with German, French, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese and countless other tongues, that has taken me on adventures around the world, I walk proudly out of those big iron gates as they close behind me, this time with my crocs on the correct feet, and an elongated grin from ear to ear, ready to embark the journey of life.

“For now, it is time to say goodbye, even though I know my IGS family will always be by my side in one way or another. Thank you.”

2021 IGS Head Boy Orlando Read 

“Every teacher I have had made the joys of learning infinite. They all listened and they were all more than willing to keep our discussions going. 

“There is no way to convey how grateful I am to have learnt from them.

“Feeling understood and cared for in all aspects of school life is pretty remarkable, and that culture of compassion starts at the top. It starts with the leadership of Ms Colnan, Ms Duma, Ms Kelliher, Mr Dennehy and Mr Bird.
Their support was always there; it never stopped.

“But the thing I am most grateful for is how they and so many IGS teachers and students supported what I did well beyond the school gates, particularly my project to celebrate my Dad.

“How do we make the most of today, the next moment? I think we’re all working that out for ourselves. Primary students, high school students, Class of 2021 graduates, teachers, parents … we’re all making it up as we go along.

“Luckily we’re a part of a community where so many opportunities are possible, where we can all learn from each other’s experiences, where we can all lift each other up to be the people we’ve wanted to be but were never quite sure we could be.

“So, my greatest hope is that you will use this incredible IGS community as your launchpad, to share more or learn more or appreciate more. Because there is so much right here and out there for all of us. Our next moment is the next big thing.

“Thank you.”

2021 IGS Head Girl Grace Truman 

In closing, and on behalf of the entire IGS community, I warmly congratulate each of our HSC students. We know that there are many successes not mentioned here, and we commend every member of our Class of 2021 and accelerants on their achievements and contributions to our IGS community and beyond, throughout their school lives. We wish each of you all the very best for the future.

Shauna Colnan