IGS teachers at the top of their class

Congratulations to Amanda Fajou, Brendan Gill and Marin Rosandic who recently achieved their Experienced Teacher Accreditation.

Head of Teacher Accreditation and Development High School Irina Braun couldn’t help but get emotional when presenting Amanda Fajou, Brendan Gill and Marin Rosandic with their Experienced Teacher Accreditation.

“This accreditation process is gruelling and because these are three such dedicated teachers it wasn’t easy to find the time to complete all the various tasks,” Irina said before adding, “I am really, really proud.”

The Experienced Teacher accreditation process provides an opportunity for eligible teachers to be accredited by the Independent Schools Teacher Accreditation Authority (ISTAA) at the level of Experienced Teacher.

Applicants collect evidence of their everyday practice over a year and upload it to their ISTAA digital portfolio.

Evidence is in the form of documents, a testimonial based on classroom observations, references and an attestation from the head of the school.

The three recipients all thanked Irina for her support and the School for the opportunity for professional growth in and beyond the classroom.