IGS students in ASISSA netball success

Two of our IGS netballers have contributed to a stunning success for the ASISSA netball team.

Congratulations to Year 6 IGS students Kallarah Marr and Lucy Martin and the All Suburbs Independent School Sport Association (ASISSA) team for their success in the netball matches at Netball Central, Sydney Olympic Park on Friday 5 May 2023.

Both students played exceptionally well and the ASISSA team finished the day with eight wins and one loss – one of the best results for an ASISSA team in memory!

Both IGS students were selected in a squad to contest for a place in the Combined Independent Schools (CIS) team. 

ASISSA 18  defeated  HICES 3
ASISSA 13  defeated  SASSA 1
ASISSA 14  defeated  HRIS 5
CSSA 9  defeated  ASISSA 7
ASISSA 21  defeated  HZSA  4
ASISSA 18  defeated  NCIS 1
ASISSA 13  defeated  IPSHA 10
ASISSA 16  defeated  RAS 3
ASISSA 21  defeated  NASSA 0