IGS celebrates World Literacy Day

IGS students from Kindergarten to Year 6 celebrated the end of the Principal's Reading Challenge and World Literacy Day by participating in a special book character parade.

“This year’s theme was Dreaming with Eyes Open, and students let their imaginations and creativity soar as they dreamed up an array of fabulous costumes to celebrate a love of books and reading,” said Director of the Bibliothèque Patrice Marchbank.

“Festivities began with an Acknowledgement of Country delivered by Year 5 student Monty Noble, who reminded us that by celebrating stories and storytelling we were walking in the footsteps of First Nations storytellers who are the storytellers of the oldest living cultures in human history.”

Monti of Year 5 Gold presented an Acknowledgement of Country before Bibliothèque leaders Hugo and  Aliya led the Book Week Parade celebrations. Students paraded around the Hall, while family and friends cheered on from Kelly Street.

The Bibliothèque Leaders announced that there would be two special prizes to be awarded, with secret judges in the audience looking for the best classes. Judges were looking for classes displaying respect, encouragement and students who had fun and participated in the spirit of book week.

“Celebrations wrapped up with the gifting of two class prizes, one for Kindergarten to Year 2 and one for Years 3 to 6, for best embodying the spirit of book week by embracing the day whole-heartedly, respectfully and cheering on their classmates and peers. Competition was tough, but in the end the prizes were awarded to Kindergarten Gold and 5 Blue,” Patrice said.

“Gold coin donations were collected for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF), whose programs support remote communities across Australia and provide funds to publish the works of First Nations authors and illustrators.

“Families who did not get a chance to donate on the day of the parade, but would like to support the ILF’s very important work, can still donate via the ILF website.”