IGS Alums: Where in the world are they?

In their own words, Alums of IGS tell their stories of Where In The World Are They (WITWAT).

Here we present another WITWAT Triple, featuring Alums Robbie Colbourne from the Class of 2008 who is in Sydney, Australia, Max Draper from the Class of 2013 who is in Seattle USA, and Jesse Press from the Class of 2004 who is in Bee’s Creek in the Northern Territory.

Robbie Colbourne (2008): Sydney, Australia

Since graduating from IGS in 2008 I have done lots of different things.

I was at university for far too long before obtaining a BA degree, with majors in Philosophy, Politics and International Relations. I worked in film/television for a while, and also as a computer programmer.

Since 2021, I have owned and operated a numismatics (coins) company. I currently have a full-time employee, who is also an IGS Alum — Paris Grant (2008) and he is a super-star, and I couldn’t run the company without him! It’s great to be able to work with someone you have known since you were five! I spend a lot of time with my close friends that I made at IGS decades ago. I’m also hoping my next hire will be another close friend from IGS!

More recently, I’ve become the very proud uncle of Sam, who is my sister’s — Carolyn Colborne (2005) — child.

It took me many years after finishing school to find a direction in life. It was also not until my mid-20s that I was able to start overcoming struggles I’d had for many years with my mental health; notably, depression and social anxiety.

If I could give one piece of advice to any current/past students at IGS, it would be that time can do amazing things. If you’re struggling with mental health issues, there are always options! No one is ever truly without hope, even though it may not feel that way. There is not much in life that is truly immutable. Things can and do change. It would have been inconceivable to me in my mid-20s, that I would be able to do what I’m doing now. However, through time and effort, things have changed.

Max Draper (2013): Seattle USA

I’m living in Seattle with my wife, Lily. We rent an apartment in the city’s University District.

My weeks consists mostly of work, volunteering and playing tennis.

I’m a Production Technician for local public television, KCTS-9. They are Seattle’s PBS member station. In this role, I’m typically operating the camera, audio and lighting equipment and it’s this skill set that leads me to other opportunities in the city.

Also, I’m working at the University District Food Bank, assisting their grocery rescue operations. They are a vital resource to many people experiencing food insecurity and are the busiest food bank in the city. I’m proud to be helping them out.

I’m a volunteer at the Photographic Center Northwest. In exchange for hours volunteered, I have free access to their facilities. There, I develop rolls of black and white film and spend long sessions printing in their dark room.

And lastly, I’m staying fit playing lots of tennis, competing locally in team leagues.

My Mum and brother are living in Munich and Milan respectively. Lily and I will be visiting them in August.

Jesse Press (2004): Bee’s Creek, Northern Territory

It has been on one wild ride since graduation! When the pandemic hit, my amazing family wife Gemma, and our two little adventurers, Olivia and Elle decided to take on Australia in an epic 11-month caravan journey. We drove through the heart of the country, explored the stunning Top End, and lived life to the fullest.

The top end captured our hearts so much that we made a life-changing decision. We bought a property just 25 minutes outside Darwin and set up a caravan park in our backyard! Yes, you read that right, our own caravan park! It’s called The Laughing Daisy and its located in Bee’s Creek, NT. Gemma now manages the park while I put my marketing expertise to work as a manager for the Airport Development Group, overseeing airports in Darwin, Alice Springs, Tennant Creek, and other key areas in the Top End.

Talk about living life to the fullest! My journey from IGS to the Australian outback is a testament to taking risks, following dreams and embracing adventure. Who knows what wild ride we’ll take on next!