HSC Aboriginal Studies expo excites

Students, staff and parents gathered in the IGS Bibliothèque to celebrate the outstanding HSC work of our Aboriginal Studies students.

Head of High School Anthony Dennehy said students have been brave in the themes they explored, and congratulated all for their hard work.

“Students are bursting to talk about what they have created and their process,” Anthony said. “They are very proud of their work, and we are very proud of them.”

Head of Indigenous Education and Stage 6 Aboriginal Studies Teacher Jade Carr congratulated Year 11 accelerated students and Year 12 students for stepping up to the challenge.

“Every year I don’t think it can get any better but it steps up another notch,” she said.

Enjoy their work below.

Isabella Turner said “My Aboriginal Studies Major Project consists of an exploration of my and my family’s Aboriginality, heritage and identity in relation to Maria Lock(e) and the Darug people of Western Sydney.”

“For the presentation of my work I decided to depict the ongoing journey of exploring my identity through two Aboriginal artworks,” Isabella said.

“The first artwork is My Darug family tree, and the second The Maria box.

“I worked and consulted collaboratively with Bianca Caldwell, a local Wiradjuri artist to design and produce both of these artworks. By working with Bianca I was able to express my journey as well as the people in my family through the use of Indigenous symbolism.

“The aim of my project was not only to explore my identity, but to also learn more about, and be proud of, my Darug heritage.”

Scarlett Kipping Hilder created and website titled Day in the life of a Kinchela Boy.
“My Major Work has been designed in collaboration with a Year 6 Teacher to be used in a Human Society and it’s Environment Unit of work, about government policy as it pertains to First Nations people,” Scarlett said.

“I have designed a website to correspond with what year 6 are learning about in class and give them a deeper understanding of what happened to those who were a part of the Stolen Generations.

“My website tells the story of Uncle Willy Nixon who was stolen from his family and taken to the Kinchela Boys Home where he spent his childhood being abused and manipulated.”