High School Athletics Carnival

Earlier in the week IGS High School students took to the track of ES Marks Athletics Field, Kensington, for the annual Athletics Carnival.

The students appreciated a warm winter’s day and celebrated great House spirit through impressive participation rates and enthusiastic cheering for each other in their House colours.

There were various exciting records broken on the day, including:

  • Girls 18’s Shot Put: Mi-kaisha Masella
  • Girls 17’s 100m: Stephanie Potter
  • Girls 17’s 200m: Stephanie Potter
  • Girls 17’s 400m: Stephanie Potter
  • Girls 17’s Long Jump: Stephanie Potter
  • Girls 16’s Shot Put: Elise Brennan
  • Girls 16’s Discus: Elise Brennan
  • Girls 16’s Javelin: Maya Braun
  • Girls 15’s Long Jump: Mischa Belunek
  • Girls 15’s Javelin: Mischa Belunek
  • Boys 15’s High Jump: Benjamin Hayes
  • Boys 15’s Long Jump: Alexander Huie
  • Boys 12’s Javelin: Kevin Mundine

IGS would like to the the PDHPE staff for organising another successful athletics event, as well as all staff and parents who volunteered their time on the day to assist.