Harmony Day every day

Primary School students are making a song and dance in all their languages to celebrate diversity.

Harmony Day is an all-year celebration at IGS. Learning about different cultures and traditions is seamlessly embedded in our language programs.

Hence when we attempted to mash together five languages into one song for Harmony Day, the students didn’t even blink an eyelid.

Using the 1980 Kool & and the Band hit Celebrate Good Times as a springboard, they jumped in to sing the parts in their additional languages and decipher the words. 

“The Year 4 Japanese class were so enthused that they created their own dance and blended movement and song in harmony,” said Machiko sensei.  

“The Year 6 French Beginners class took on the challenge of learning the song, and new vocabulary that they had not previously encountered.”

“The students listened carefully to the correct pronunciation and sang beautifully,” said Madame Fallett.

The exercise was a real “celebration” of what is possible in Primary languages at IGS; fun, learning and spontaneity.

Enjoy these snapshots.