Happy 38th birthday to IGS!

IGS celebrated Foundation Day earlier this week.

The celebrations were led by Head Girl Zahra Moloobhoy and Head Boy Madiba Doyle-Lambert.

Zahra said she “loves IGS for the sense of community we have here. It really is like having a second family, and feels like home.”

Madiba added that he admires “the vibrant and empowered community composed of both students and staff who come together to make IGS a welcoming environment for all.”

High School student leaders decorated the pavement outside the School gates.

Students and staff celebrated with one of our yearly traditions, where each Tutor group in the High school, and each Home class in the Primary School had the chance to write something they love about IGS on post-it notes. These messages are displayed around the School.

In Year 5, Teacher Jessica price said her students have been learning about the history of IGS, the late Reg St Leon OAM and his reasons for starting IGS.

“We discussed how we are so lucky to be learning a language and I asked the students to write about what benefits they think come about from learning a language,” Jessica said.

Samuel of Year 5 said “Besides obvious uses, such as being readily available to move to another country for work reasons, learning a language is like learning music or philosophy, it can help open up new ways of thinking.”

Past students chalking the pavement and protesting to keep the School open in its earliest years

Year 1 Green enjoyed making a IGS Way poster ahead of Foundation Day.

Students in Years 4 and 5 shared what they like about IGS on post-it notes.

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