Green theme for PTF disco

The 2023 Primary School disco will take on a St Patrick's Day theme.

The much anticipated Primary School Disco will take place in the Hall on Friday 17 March. This annual event is kindly organised by the PTF and has long been a highlight for students.

This year the PTF have chosen a St Patrick’s Day theme, so green is sure to feature.

Details will be shared with relevant families shortly.

The PTF are looking forward to as many students as possible participating. In addition to dancing, food and activities like face painting, there will be a quiet ‘chill zone’ for students who would like to enjoy the disco at a more relaxed pace.

Ticket bookings are now open, please book here. (Please note – Early Learning students do not require a booking or ticket.)

Call for volunteers

The PTF is seeking parent volunteers to assist on the day, with roles for more than 100 needed. If you can help decorate, serve food, face paint or help with dance floor supervision, please register here.

Volunteering not only helps make the disco a success, it also gives you a chance to get involved and meet other IGS parents (and it’s fun). It’s also the only way to get a glimpse of the disco fun as parents are not able to attend in any other capacity. 

Please note there is a strict no photography policy and volunteers require a current Working With Children check

More details

Please email if you have questions about ticketing or any other questions.