Gratitude in focus

IGS Principal Shauna Colnan has given each Primary School student a new IGS Gratitude Journal this week as we continue to enhance the health and wellness of each child at IGS.

At Primary Assembly on Wednesday Ms Colnan spoke of the importance of gratitude, and let the students know that she would be visiting classes throughout the day to give the children their own Gratitude Journal.

“In developing this initiative, I’m inspired by the pioneering work of author and teacher Dr Tal Ben-Shahar who makes a compelling evidence-based case about the benefits for children’s health and wellbeing when they learn to exercise
mindfulness and are given opportunities each day to express gratitude in age- appropriate ways,” she said.

“Our Strategic Plan Into The World 2022-2026 with its area of action to nurture the health and wellness of our students drives us to look for ways each day to do exactly that.”

Ms Colnan told students that as individuals, we can choose to take action and participate in the world around us.

“When we have so much, surely this is precisely what we should do,” Ms Colnan said.

“Be kind and care for each other and for the planet,” she said.

“Together, we can help shape a wonderful future.

“Kindness and gratitude matter a great deal to us at IGS.

“Have you noticed that when you say thank you, it makes the other person smile and it also makes you feel happier?

“I hope that this book, The IGS Gratitude Journal, will help you capture those happy moments in your day.”

Kindergarten to Year 2 students will focus on what they had fun doing each day. Years 3 to 6 students will express in their own way what they’re grateful for each day.

“If you do this every day, you’ll have a special record of all the good things that have happened to you, while also helping to make the world a kinder, healthier, happier place, today and tomorrow. It will be a keepsake to look back on over the

“We all hope you enjoy this book and we want you to have a wonderful term ahead. We have so much in store and so much to look forward to.”

“The children were excited to receive their journals and we’re hoping that families might also join in.”

For those who want to read more, please view the Kindergarten to Year 2 Journal and the Years 3 to 6 Journal.

Shauna Colnan
IGS Principal