Global Scholar’s Prize 2022 launched

IGS Principal Shauna Colnan has announced the topic of the 2022 Global Scholar's Prize.

“Each year at this time I introduce the Global Scholar’s Prize,” Ms Colnan told High School students in their assemblies this week.

“This special prize is awarded at Speech Night for an outstanding essay written by a high school student that addresses issues of global complexity and significance.

“The winner receives a trophy at the State Theatre and their name is inscribed on the Perpetual Trophy alongside IGS Global Scholars going back to 2014 when the quest for the IGS Global Scholar began.”

This year, the topic is War in Ukraine.

“On the morning of 24 February this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin used airstrikes and missiles to commence a full-scale invasion of Ukraine,” Ms Colnan said.

“A large Russian ground invasion from multiple directions followed. In response, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy enacted martial law and a mobilisation of all male Ukrainian citizens aged between 18 and 60, tasked with defending their homeland. President Zelenskyy told the people of Ukraine, ‘Don’t panic, we’re strong, we’re prepared, we will win’.

“Five months on, war continues with no end in sight. The toll is enormous with a devastating loss of life, destruction of towns and cities and the largest displacement of civilians since WWII.

“According to the United Nations, more than 13 million Ukrainians have been forced to flee their homes.

“Your task if you choose to accept my invitation, is to write an essay in which you explore the global ramifications of the war in Ukraine.

“These are some of the research threads you could follow:
• Why did Russia invade Ukraine?
• Evaluate the leadership of Zelenskyy
• Write a profile on Putin, analysing the connections between his rise to power and his actions in 2022.
• How has the war affected the world economy?
• Explore a ground breaking moment in the last five months that you consider define the complexities or the tragedy of this war.
• How have Ukrainian communities around the world supported those who have been displaced?
• Speculate upon what might happen over the next twelve months.

“The essay is 1,000 words, which is really just a few stylish well researched paragraphs. It is due in Week 4, Term 4. I’m looking forward to seeing some sparkling essays coming through about this complex topic.”

Students are invited to collect a brochure on the prize from the Principal’s Office on Level 2 of the Reg St Leon Building in Kelly Street.