From the IGS Telegraph: The Amazing Race leaves Year 7 begging for more

Student reporter Max Nemlich wrote from The Retreat Kangaroo Valley this week, accompanying Year 7 students' visit.

Year 7 recently visited Kangaroo Valley, and they got quite the experience out of it. May I please introduce Ms Cherrie’s signature… The Amazing Race!

Students were split up into house groups and given a plethora of activities to race through based on what they’ve been covering this year. The first house to finish the race wins! 

They started with a reminder of their Outdoor Education camps as they together attempted to set up tents. They must’ve remembered a lot, because it went very nicely! This was followed up by their math skills being put to the test with a perimeter-measuring activity, which they excelled at.

The poetry unit earlier this year came back to bite them with Hiking Haikus, a perfect way to use their skills. They proved to be excellent at this and one group had their entire house done in about two minutes – an impressive feat!

Following that, the students used their creative skills to do the Nutbush, which unsurprisingly was extremely fun for everyone involved. This was followed by their transformation into scientists to find the bones in the human body — certainly very humerus!

Then, it was puzzle time. They were given various letters to work with and essentially had to form the correct sentence with limited knowledge. A lot of maths was involved here. They used whatever clues they had to solve the incredible puzzle — congratulations to the students who solved it! Teamwork makes the dream work.

Finally, they used what they learnt in Textiles earlier this year to make newspaper dresses for a fashion show – Kuyal excelled in this, but all of the resulting dresses were very nice and new.

Year 7 would like to thank Ms Cherrie for her amazing work on this. Without her, none of this would’ve been possible.

Have a look at the gallery, and see what fun they had!