Festive final assembly for high school

The atmosphere was electric at the High School's final assembly of the year.

There was a palpable buzz as students from Year 7 to Year 12 gathered in the Hall to attend the End of Term 4 assembly. 

Deputy Head of High School Fabian Mandrini opened the assembly by inviting students to reflect on what they had achieved throughout the school year, encouraging them to continue to “dig deep” during the summer holidays and when school returns next year.

“You might not see the results immediately, but start planting the seeds,” said Mr Mandrini. 

Following the address, Principal Shauna Colnan took the stage to present the Principal’s Outstanding Effort Awards. These awards are given to students in Years 7 to 12 who have demonstrated consistent application and effort in all of their subjects throughout the year. 

The students in the audience were clearly excited to celebrate the achievements of their peers and students received loud cheers as they took the stage to accept awards. 

The celebratory mood continued as students were presented with music, sports, maths and ethics olympiad awards. 

Throughout the assembly students and staff were treated to performances by Samantha and Eve, both of whom were the winning recipients of this year’s inaugural Music Awards in the instrumental and vocal categories, respectively.

Samantha skill-fully performed Train Whistle, a cello solo composed by Aaron Minksy while Eve’s goosebump-inducing rendition of Adele’s Easy On Me allowed the singer to show off her impressive vocal range, a performance that received a standing ovation from the principal. 

A moment of great suspense occurred when Head of PDHPE, Sport and Outdoor Education Simon Board took the stage to announce the overall house sport winners of 2022 with Kuyal beating Bamal by 203 points to take out the top spot. It is said the triumphant roar from Kuyal’s corner of the Hall could be heard from Mountain Street. 

A big congratulations to all award winners and performers, and thanks to staff and students who made this final assembly of the year such a joyous occasion.