Early offers expand for IGS Class of 2022

A total of 118 early offers to university have been made to IGS members of the Class of 2022.

“IGS students received a total of 118 early offers,” said IGS Careers Advisor Amelia Phillips. “This includes individual students obtaining multiple offers across the various early entry schemes.”

“2022 has seen an increase in the number of IGS students applying for early entry via UAC’s Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS) and Direct Early Entry schemes facilitated by individual universities.

“The number of early entry schemes available to students has grown significantly over the years, to help reduce the stress of the HSC on students.

“UTS’s direct Early Entry Program had a significant impact on the number of early offers IGS students received this year, with 39 students receiving an offer.

“Macquarie University made several offers to IGS students through UAC’s SRS and Macquarie’s own Leaders and Achievers scheme.

‘Strong academic performance’ in Year 11

“Early offers indicate the strong academic performance of our students in the Preliminary HSC year, given that Year 11 results form the academic basis upon which early offers are made.

“IGS students received early offers to courses in the following areas of study, Society and Culture, Creative Arts, Management and Commerce, Architecture and Building, Health, Engineering and related Technologies, and Natural and Physical Sciences.

Congratulations to all members of the Class of 2022 who make the most of their opportunities!