A safe and supportive school environment 

From the Principal

As we continue to promote a safe and supportive school environment that is inclusive and welcoming of students, parents and staff, I’m delighted to share with you the IGS Parent Code of Conduct.

This easily referenced four-page code confirms expectations around the way members of our community interact with one another. As is the case with the student and staff codes of conduct, we anticipate that the parent code will support good judgement and good decision making, underpinned by courtesy and mutual respect. In this sense, it reinforces what we do well at IGS.

We know that the partnership between the School, the family and the child is a fundamental ingredient for a positive and enriching journey of a student through school. The code provides guidelines and a framework to support our partnership in the best interests of the students of IGS.  

The code also complements our grievance framework through which you can raise concerns. Together, these tools set out how to raise concerns and how to navigate challenging conversations. 

We deeply appreciate the goodwill, cooperation and support we receive from parents, carers and the wider community as we work to fulfil our Mission to equip our students to be world ready.

Shauna Colnan