‘Consistent’ Catherine achieves second in State!

IGS Class of 2021 alumna Catherine Amoia has achieved second in NSW for Spanish Continuers.

Catherine said she was “over the moon” after seeing her results.

“I was so happy that all those hours of study paid off!” she said.

“I was totally shocked as I was not expecting to receive the results I did, so I was super proud of myself!”

Catherine said she felt the results were partially due to her consistent efforts throughout the whole of her time in high school.

“In my opinion consistency is key! Not only in Years 11 and 12 but throughout all of high school, in order to be prepared and confident for Years 11 and 12.

“I developed and discovered the study skills that worked best for me in the younger years, meaning I didn’t waste time learning how to study in Year 12.”

Catherine hopes to study Psychology and then honours at either Macquarie University or UNSW.

“Either way I’m really looking forward to beginning uni!”

We wish Catherine and our entire Class of 2021 all the very best.

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