Celebrating our Class of 2022

2022 Head Girl Zahra Moloobhoy began with IGS in Early Learning, studying Italian and then Mandarin from Year 5.

“I love Legal Studies and Economics, and next year I want to study Law and Commerce,” Zahra said.

She is grateful to have already been offered a place at Macquarie University and is considering other options.

She has loved her time at IGS and International Days in particular, “one of the most beautiful days of the year – so fun!”.

“You get to experience different activities, foods, plays and shows and be involved in different things like dressing up, and exploring other countires. It was amazing.”

Her overall statement about IGS?

“It feels like family.”

We will miss Zahra and our entire Class of 2022 when they finish their HSC and depart, world ready. We wish them all the very best!