Celebrating Early Childhood Educators’ Day

Yesterday, IGS celebrated the incredible dedication and passion of our early childhood educators.

Early Childhood Educators’ Day recognises and celebrates the work of Australia’s educators in early learning services in their important role of supporting children’s wellbeing, learning and development in the early years. 

The first 2,000 days of a child’s life, from conception to the time they start school, is an important time for physical, social and emotional health. Experiences during these early years have deep and long-lasting effects, predicting outcomes including success at school and in finding a job. What happens in the first 2,000 days has been shown to have an impact throughout life and it is our privilege to be involved in your child’s early education and care at IGS.

We celebrated and acknowledged the caring, patient and knowledgeable team of early educators at the IGS with delicious cupcakes and acknowledgements from some of our families which made it a special day.

“As Early Childhood Educators we are privileged to work with families and support young children’s education and development at the beginning of their journey at IGS.” Sarah Herbert, Head of School Early Learning

Congratulations to all Early Childhood Educators out there, but special thanks to our amazing educators at IGS. From nurturing young minds to creating a safe and fun learning environment, you are the unsung heroes behind every child’s first steps, first words, and first discoveries. 

Thank you for your tireless efforts!