Celebrating 100 days of Kindergarten

On Thursday of Week 2, Kindergarten children dressed up as adults to celebrate 100 days of Kindergarten, and to show just how much they have grown up.

“The IGS halls were flooded with mini old people as kindergarten students (and teachers) dressed up to celebrate 100 days of school,” said Kindergarten Blue Teacher Tanika Belle.

“Despite our students being 100 years old for the day, classrooms were bursting with life as they completed fun activities including counting and threading Fruit Loops to make edible necklaces, pinching and gluing 100 pom-poms to make a crafty gumball machine, using their colouring and cutting skills to make their very own medal, and using all the writing skills that have been developing throughout the year to write some sentences about what they would buy if they were given $100.”

Winton and Hugo of Kindy Blue said they loved getting to dress up for the day.

Head of Primary School Colin Bird described the event as “a day they will always remember”.