Building a positive and inclusive school community together

IGS students create anti-bullying posters to be displayed throughout the School

Building positive connections within our communities is something we can all work on together. Practicing kindness and empathy, working to solve problems in a structured and collaborative way, focussing on building each other’s strengths, being respectful and accepting of individual differences all go a very long way to build a culture of positive connection.

Studies tell us that positive social connections have a very strong protective effect in the prevention of bullying. This means that positive relationships reduce rates of bullying in communities. It also shows that connections enable positive, help-seeking behaviours, particularly in school communities.

In an effort to raise awareness on this issue, IGS students took the initiative to create anti-bullying posters to be displayed throughout the School. Activities like these present a valuable opportunity to reinforce the principles of the IGS Way. It is a reminder of the collective responsibility we all bear – students, staff members, and parents and carers alike – in cultivating a positive and thriving school atmosphere.

Creating and maintaining a safe, inclusive and respectful learning environment requires a whole-school approach to positive behaviour so that all forms of bullying can be prevented.


IGS encourages students to tell a member of staff as soon as possible If they ever had any concerns about any form of bullying at School. Parents can also report online bullying to the e-safety commissioner – more information HERE.

We have 2 school counsellors, Joe and Natalie, who can help parents/carers and students who may be impacted by bullying in some way. You can get in touch with the school counsellors by emailing

You can also find some very helpful and detailed information on bullying in our IGS Parent Lounge HERE.