‘Balance’ the key says IGS Dux

With an ATAR of 97.7 IGS Dux of 2023 Katelyn Clarke said keeping a balance between study and other activities helped her to achieve her best.

The busy IGS STEM Portfolio Leader worked part time, mentored younger students in maths and science and kept up her friendships and hobbies as well as working “very hard”.

Katelyn kicked off her HSC a year early, accelerating by completing an outstanding Aboriginal Studies major work which drew headlines and was submitted to the Senate Standing Committee into missing and murdered First Nations women and children.

This year she studied English Advanced, Mathematics Advanced, Chemistry, Modern History and Science Extension, with strong results across the board. She also took Legal Studies, her best and favourite subject.

The STEM leader helped IGS celebrate the International Day of Mathematics, Pi Day and Women in STEM.

Next year, Katelyn hopes to begin Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Psychology studies at ANU.

“I am very excited,” said Katelyn. “It feels like such a new opportunity ahead, to move to Canberra and live on campus at one of the best unis, doing one of the best degrees.

“I am definitely interested in law, social justice and criminal justice. There are so many options.” 

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