A space for common good

Enjoy a glimpse of the Year 12 Study Centre as the Class of 2023 settle in.

The Year 12 space on Mountain Street might be in a tucked-away corner of the School, but one only has to enter the large, light-filled room to realise it is an important hive of activity for our senior students. 

On one of the large communal tables, students sit in a state of focus, studying quietly together. In a corner, three students are enjoying a cup of tea and biscuit, and in the centre of the room, an impassioned conversation about the swimming carnival is taking place.  

“I think having this space has made us feel closer as a year group,” commented Year 12 student Dean. 

“Sometimes it can get a bit hectic in here but we are learning how to manage that together as a group.”

The room is primarily a place where students can study and prepare for the HSC, but the inclusion of a large kitchenette and fridge also means it comes with privileges such as being able to heat their lunch or make a hot drink to have while they study. 

Of course, the students are aware that such privileges come with the shared responsibility of ensuring the space is kept clean, quiet and a welcoming environment for all. 

“I think it is a good skill to learn now, how to respectfully share spaces with other people. A lot of us want to move away for uni or into share houses after we leave school so I think this is a valuable experience in that respect too,” noted Charlotte.