A beautiful cultural exchange

Our inspirational friendship with Goodooga Central School continues.

Since 2019, IGS and Goodooga Central School have had a wonderful cultural exchange with regular visits between the two schools. This term 20 of the 46 students at the Goodooga School and five staff members visited IGS. Thanks to IGS Language Teacher and IGS Coordinator of Indigenous Partnerships, Lucy Howard-Shibuya, whose exceptional organisational skills and dedication ensured the success of the trip. Lucy’s extended secondment with Goodooga Central School has been a testament to the strong bond between the two institutions.

Students from IGS also visited Goodgooda. (Read about our IGS Students recent visit to Goodooga Central School here).

Last week Wiradjuri artist, Bianca Caldwell, met with the students who attended Schools Walking Together intercultural immersion program in Goodooga. The students shared their learning and experiences with Aunty B to be interpreted into a design for an art piece to be displayed in school and printed on a souvenir hoodie.

The colours chosen represent the earth, the sunsets and the smoke. Each ring represents a different part of the experience with the final two rings being the cleansing smoke from the final ceremony before departing Goodooga and a protective layer to safeguard the children as they return to Sydney.

Recently, as part of their Careers course, the students at Goodooga Central School have started a jewellery business using local products gathered on Country.


This beautiful necklace was gifted to IGS Principal Shauna Colnan by Stage 5 Goodooga student, Anita who used local Dhinawan materials including feathers gathered on Country.

Ms Colnan said she was thrilled to accept this gift from Goodooga; “I absolutely love this necklace and will wear it with pride. The cultural exchange between our two schools provides students from both IGS and Goodooga with so much.”

Ms Colnan wrote to Anita to thank her for her kindness, enclosing an IGS Teddy Bear and picture book written by Ms Colnan.