Chasing learning beyond the classroom

International Grammar School’s SAGE program is unique.

Through SAGE, we are building students’ critical and creative thinking skills, the depth of their understanding and engagement, their ability to work with others and their love of learning.  

Shauna Colnan


I want our students to love Shakespeare,” said Principal Shauna Colnan. “I want this experience to change their lives.

Shauna Colnan


Year 8 students talk about The Rocks Quest

“The Rocks Quest has been a very positive experience, and I would recommend it to anyone who is going next year.” Callum

“I’ve discovered more about the history of The Rocks and how the history has shaped Australia and made Australia what it is today.” Marcel

“Before coming here, I thought The Rocks was just another suburb in Sydney… just another part of Circular Quay, but now I see that there’s a lot more cultural and historical nuance to the region.” Finn

Listen to our students discuss The Rocks Quest 2023 here and watch the Year 8 Student video here.