Visual Arts, Design and Drama

IGS has a dynamic creative vibe and this is evident in the students’ eager participation in the arts, as well as their talented and outstanding works and performance in Drama, Film Studies, Visual Arts and Design & Technology.

Interest in electives in Stage 5 — and then on a more formal level for HSC in Stage 6 – is strong, often resulting in State-wide recognition through external prizes and nominations, and selections for HSC showcases.

The School’s ArtsFest day is a highlight on the annual calendar, drawing the whole High School into a celebration of innovation, music and performance.

Drama & Film Studies

IGS High School students participate in dramatic productions through middle and senior school co-curricular groups in Theatresports and Shakespeare, as well as more formal senior studies. The dedicated Drama Performance and Film Studies spaces enhance the students’ development.

IGS boasts several NIDA placements and graduates including Thuso Lekwape (2014) and Harry Greenwood (2006). IGS students also regularly win filmmaking awards.

Read about our Drama Companies.

Visual Arts

IGS always has a yearly crop of keen and talented visual arts students, however, a new focus on drawing and technique has resulted in some superb works coming from all years. The art studio rooms are well appointed and equipped – and they boast a sustainable outdoor garden area. IGS has also recently opened a new studio, especially for our Year 11 and Year 12 Art students at a site on Bay Street, Ultimo.

Design & Technology

Workshop rooms and computer labs complete with laser cutters and a 3D printer bring the latest in innovation and technology for our design students. HSC Design & Technology works are showcased alongside those of Visual Arts on an annual basis. A new Design Centre has recently opened on Bay Street, complete with individual spaces for sewing, woodwork and digital media.