Music Application

Music lessons, group lessons and ensembles

Apply online for private music lessons, group lessons and ensembles.

Private Lessons

$44 per 30 minute lesson.

* Please note that, due to an already extensive waitlist, we are regrettably no longer able to accommodate applications for piano lessons until further notice.

* Please note that parents of students in Preschool or Transition are required to attend the lessons.

Group Lessons

Students need to have a few private lessons before starting group lessons. Group lessons are in addition to private lessons.

Available to Kindergarten – Y2 students only. Fee is $220 per term.

Lessons are only available in non-class time. Fee is $220 per term.

Fee is $220 per term.

Ensemble(s)/Orchestra(s) or Choir(s):
Terms & Conditions

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Fees are $90 per term *

Exceptions: $220 per year for Recorder, Guitar and Mojo Xylophone Ensembles

  • I have read, and agree to the terms of the “Conditions of Enrolment” (viewable by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page) and have discussed them with my child
  • I give permission for the above named student to begin lessons/ensemble rehearsals
  • I understand that students may not have more than two music lessons in class time per week
  • For private lessons I understand that I will be billed by the instrumental tutor at the start of each term and that the tuition fees are due and payable in advance by the date stated on the invoice
  • I understand Group Lesson fees are $220 per term and will be charged to my school account
  • *I understand Ensemble Fees are $90 per term. Fees are applicable to the first two ensembles only (or $220 per year for Recorder, Guitar and Mojo Xylophone Ensembles) and will be charged to my school account.