Music Application

Music lessons, group lessons and ensembles

Welcome to private instrumental music lessons, and ensemble applications at International Grammar School. We warmly welcome you to the instrumental music program. The music staff at IGS are exceptional educators and professional musicians and are an integral part of the IGS learning journey. We look forward to hearing your child progress as they start their lessons and ensembles. Please don’t hesitate to email for further information. Happy music making.

Private Lessons

$44 per 30 minute lesson.

* Please note that parents of students in Preschool or Transition are required to attend the lessons.

Group Lessons

Students need to have a few private lessons before starting group lessons. Group lessons are in addition to private lessons.

Available to Kindergarten – Y2 students only. Fee is $220 per term.

Lessons are only available in non-class time. Fee is $220 per term.

Ensemble(s)/Orchestra(s) or Choir(s):

All Ensemble members are required to sign up annually, at the beginning of each year via the Engage Portal. Participation is a year-long activity.
Please login to Engage and click on the "Book activities" button to make your selection.
Click here for more information about eligibility for ensembles.

Terms & Conditions

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Music Ensembles

Ensemble, Orchestra, Band and Choir fees are $90 per term

Exceptions include Primary Guitar and String Quartets ($220 per term)

Private Tuition
  • Private lessons are $44 per half hour
  • Group lessons are $220 per term (in addition to private lessons)
  • Musicianship lesson are $220 per term (lessons are held in non-class time)
Conditions of Enrolment
  • Tuition fees are payable on a term by term basis, payable in advance by the due date on the invoice
  • Please refrain from making deductions from the requested amount without consultation with the Tutor
  • Please give 24 hours’ notice if a student is unable to attend a scheduled lesson. Where possible, please notify the Tutor of upcoming School events a week in advance
  • Please clearly communicate plans for mid-term holidays or extended leave periods with the Tutor. Note that make-up lessons cannot be given for these periods and lesson fees may still apply
  • Lessons discontinued mid-term will not be refunded
  • Make-up lessons for unexplained non-attendance are organised at the discretion of the Tutor
  • To withdraw from lessons, please notify the Tutor and the Music Office in writing by the end of term. Failure to do so may result in the following term's full fees being charged

Please note the following:

  • Parents of children in Early Learning (Preschool and Transition) must attend private music lessons with their child
  • Music lessons must not clash with Language or PE classes
  • For primary school students, coordination with Home Class teachers can help minimise disruption to teaching and learning
  • Students may not have more than two music lessons in class time per week
  • Piano students must have access to a keyboard at home for regular practice