ySafe share cyber-smart choices

ySafe is encouraging our students to stay safe online as well as make the most of their online experiences.

Former IGS Year 6 Teacher David Smith returned to IGS this week to share insights about online wellbeing with our students. 

ySafe was founded by psychologists who identified a need for a multidisciplinary approach to cyber safety education and management.

Their team now includes clinical psychologists, former police officers and teachers (like David) who are leaders in the field of cyber safety and social media. 

“Technology is a great thing,” said David, “but we need to make sure that we use it in the right ways, and that’s especially true for our young people who are learning to navigate this world at younger and younger ages.”

Our Primary School focused on online safety, while students in the High School learnt about the impacts of a range of negative online behaviours and the importance of healthy and balanced screen time management.

They explored the impact of screen time on sleep, study and self-esteem.

“I liked that Mr Smith knew a lot about new social media platforms like BeReal,” commented one Year 8 student who was impressed with the on-the-pulse presentation. 

The program aims to equip students with helpful strategies to create and optimise a positive online experience.