Year 6 Canberra highlights

Year 6 have reflected on their recent visit to Canberra.

Henry said he enjoyed the Australian High Court.

“I found it very interesting learning about what they do inside the High Court of Australia,” Henry said.

“I have learnt about how the High Court of Australia works, what happens in the House of Representatives in Parliament House, and what some people do in the War Memorial.”

Aliya said the highlight for her was visiting the Australian War Memorial.

“There were many stories and objects that represented our past wars and I found them all very symbolic,” she said.

Pascal added that he “liked seeing all of the items used in war and learning about them. I also really enjoyed listening to all the stories.”

For Jade, a highlight was visiting the House of Representatives Chamber, especially ahead of the Federal Election.

“I really liked learning about what politicians have to go through to do things like changing laws or adding laws,” she said.