Year 5 students attend Children’s Kindness Convention

Eight students who attended the convention wrote about their experience.

On Wednesday 8 June, Year 5 students attended the Children’s Kindness Convention at PLC Pymble.

Here’s what our students had to say about the convention:

“We heard from inspiring speaking including the teacher who created the inclusivity campaign ‘You Can Sit with Me’, Sophie Sparks. We were so inspired! We then worked in groups with other Year 5 students from all over Sydney. It was so great to meet new friends and solve real world problems. 

“Some of our groups took on problem solving with issues including fast fashion and landfills, saving the bees, lessening screen time and increasing green time, and more. We discussed with our group how we could help solve some of the problems and decided on one way to work together and help solve the problem.

“The winning team created a whole fund raising program to raise money for victims of floods. Sienna Lien was a member of the winning team. We left the day full of hope for spreading more kindness at IGS. We also loved our goody bags!”