Year 4 dream big with sustainable home design

Our Year 4 students have been designing and building Green Dream Homes. 

The Green Dream Homes Year 4 project has once again proved popular with the students as they worked to create innovative and creative designs for a green home.

Students learnt about architecture, sustainability, time management and teamwork as they created model homes packed with interesting design features. Some popular Green Dream Home inclusions included vegetable and rooftop gardens, recycling for greywater and food scraps, rainwater tanks, solar panels and even chickens.

With a range of exceptional homes having been built or under construction, our students provided some interesting reflections on the unit of work:

“I liked the challenge of building our house. When we were building, lots of things broke and I liked the challenge of fixing things up.” Zavier R

“There were some ups and downs but in the end we all contributed something to our house. I loved spending time working with my friends and learning more about them.” Ella

“I think I really dove deeply into the meaning of architecture and sustainability from such a physical (and mental) standpoint.” Kayla

“It was fun working on our designs and building our homes.” Max B

“I enjoyed working on my poster and presentation.” Xavier

“I liked how we were fighting but then we agreed and built our Green Dream Home together.” Ivy

“I liked how we were all creative.” Lexie

“I enjoyed spending time with my friends and building our house together.” Oliver

“There was a time when we were going to give up but we got through it!” Avery

“At the start of the project we were not cooperating but we learnt how to work together.” Emma W

Thank you to our experts: Professor of Architecture, Anthony Burke from UTS and sustainability engineer, Jaslyn Brown for their informative and insightful presentations.