Year 4 commemorate ANZAC Day

Year 4 Gold acknowledged ANZAC Day with a series of art and writing activities during the first week of Term 2.

The class enjoyed watching a video about the soldiers, before completing an ANZAC Day picture and worksheets summarising what they had learnt.

“In Year 4 we learnt about the landing of our soldiers at Gallipoli at dawn and we discussed what it would have been like living in the trenches. The children wrote some facts they now know about World War One,” said Year 4 Gold Teacher Teresa Bertoli.

“We agreed that we will always remember all the people who fought or participated in all the wars.”

One student wrote that it is a day “for Australians and New Zealanders. 25 of April is a very special day. ANZAC Day is about honoring those who fought in The Battle of Gallipoli.”