Year 2 Italian: Andiamo al Louvre con i conigli

Talking about the Mona Lisa's face was a fun way for the class to learn new vocabulary.

“Ma è molto bella!” [But it is very beautiful!] said Bruno, “Si. È vero. È molto bella!” [Yes. It’s true. It is very beautiful!] said Bruna. The two rabbits had met at the Louvre and were discussing the Mona Lisa.

The conversation between the two was part of a workshop in the Year 2 Italian class this week.

Italian Teacher Nicola Sternberg explained, “Our Year 2 Italian students are learning body parts and their first topic is the face. What face could be more iconic than that of Mona Lisa?”

The class enjoyed the opportunity to role-play as two rabbits (their class mascots) who had met at the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa.

“Talking about the Mona Lisa’s face was a fun way for the class to learn the vocabulary for various face parts.”