Wild and wonderful concert ends year

IGS musicians of all ages staged a "transcendent" concert to end the year.

IGS Principal Shauna Colnan congratulated everyone involved.

For one item, the stage was overflowing with every students who plays a violin, and another item featured Year 10 English poetry woven throughout the music.

“We try to do everything better every time, and this was one of our most magical concerts,” Ms Colnan said.

“Students have made the most astonishing progress. This concert was on a whole new level, with so many children enjoying their music as we build a culture of singing as well as provide opportunities for soloists and ensembles.

“For me it was a dream come true. Huge congratulations to Director of Music Darren Kuilenburg, every student involved and the entire Music Department.”

Alongside a selection of soloists and invited performers, the Music Ensembles performing in the 2022 Music Showcase included Kelly Street Band, Paganini Players, Primary String Quartet, Sarasate Strings, Senior Jazz Ensemble, Senior Orchestra, Senior Strings, Senior Vocal Ensemble, Years 3-6 Choir and Wind Orchestra.