We play we learn – Chinese in Kindergarten

A look into a Kindergarten Chinese lesson at IGS!

‘We Play We Learn’ is a very apt name for the Chinese language lessons that some of our Kindergarten students enjoy on Thursdays after lunch. 

In this session towards the end of the school day, students participate in a full language immersion lesson where only Chinese is spoken and enjoy learning in a relaxed and interactive environment.

Teacher Ms Linda Gu commences the lessons by leading the students in singing the famous greeting song 你们好.

After a quick revision of previous lessons, new learning takes place with the help of colourful flashcards. This week the students learnt how to name classroom objects in Chinese such as 桌 (chair),白板 (whiteboard) and 门(door).

Numbers one to ten are next up and a video displays the numbers as the class joins in to recite them in unison. A fun game follows and, with the aid of fly-swatters, students point to the numbers on the screen as they are announced. Next, with students working in pairs, the class writes numbers on whiteboards as they are called out.

The class also enjoyed a visit from Year One student Maroun Bacha, who sang the little mouse on the lampstand song as the class joined in.

“The students enjoy We Play We Learn,” said Ms Gu, “after lunch, they are getting tired and this lesson keeps them happy while they are learning.”