Top ice team for Elin

Congratulations to IGS Year 7 student Elin Schmitz on her selection for the Australian national team!

Elin has been selected as a member of the National Sport Academy Selects Ice Hockey Team to compete in the 2022 One Hockey International Peewee Tournament.

When did you become interested in ice hockey?

I became interested in ice hockey when a new ice rink opened up not far from where I live. I was about seven years old. My dad started playing hockey when he was young so he actually introduced me to the sport. I instantly fell in love with it.

What do you most enjoy about it?

The things I like about playing ice hockey is that you get to ice skate and be part of a team. At my age all genders play together which is great for making friends.

I love that ice hockey is a really fast sport. Playing ice hockey is interesting because it is a combination of a lot of skills and is very strategic, even though it might look quite chaotic at times.

How do you feel about being selected to play in this important tournament?

This is my first big ice hockey tournament and I am excited to play against teams from across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

This tournament will give me great experience and an opportunity to learn and improve.

My ultimate goal is to represent Australia at the Under 18 Women’s World Championships in a few years time.

We’re proud of you, Elin! Best of luck!